Trust and Reputation in Moving Industry in Texas

As the president and CEO of Ameritex Movers, I’ve owned this company since 2001, and when we first started the business, it was a means to earn extra money for books and tuition while we were in college. And one of those things that we didn’t realize is the effectiveness of Building your reputation and building your company in a way to where it’s a trusted company, especially in the moving industry in Texas.

It’s very challenging to be able to trust movers because of the horror stories that our customers have heard or experienced personally. One of the things that we strive for was building relationships from the very beginning. And those relationships stemmed from our core values. And even though at the very beginning, we probably didn’t know how to articulate our core values. There were things that were inherently true to us, things that we believed in that we knew that we wanted to do in order to establish just the mindset of practicing good business the good old fashioned way.

So we started out on referrals and we worked very hard for it because back then google wasn’t around It was the yellow pages and our competitors had two page ads back to back with us. We couldn’t afford that So that’s why we strategically named ourselves ameritex. So alphabetically we could fall in the very front of the yellow pages and not have to put an ad in there.

But what we did is we focused on referrals. We focused on word of mouth and a way to where someone could have an experience with us. And take that feedback and give it and have it be a true testament of what that experience was versus just something that’s written in some ink that’s on a piece of paper. So for us, we take great value in the relationships that we’ve built with our customers.

And there have been customers that now we’ve serviced for two decades. Which says a lot about our online reviews and just our expectations for the standards. that we expect to deliver. Our repeat customer rate is 85 percent and our referral rate is 80%. People really like Ameritex movers and the numbers show for themselves and a lot of that is as a result of our core values that we’ve embraced throughout our journey in this industry.