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Are you planning a move to or from The Colony, Texas? Make your transition smooth and hassle-free with the Best Movers in the Colony – Ameritex Movers. Our skilled team specializes in providing stress-free moving experiences. And we can even handle everything from packing to unpacking and furniture assembly. 

Whether you’re moving homes, going from one apartment to another, or relocating your corporate office, our team at Ameritex has you covered. We even handle long-distance moves and senior moves! Whatever your moving need is, we’ve got you covered. And with more than 20+ years on the job, we bring a wealth of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction to every job. 

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Diverse Services Offered by the Top Movers in The Colony

Residential Moving:

Your home is your sanctuary, and its contents are a testament to your memories and milestones. As the preferred Movers in The Colony, we ensure that your household goods are transported with utmost care, keeping their emotional and monetary value intact.

Commercial Moving:

Relocating a business comes with its set of challenges. Downtime needs to be minimal, and every piece of equipment, large or small, must reach its destination in perfect condition. Our specialized commercial moving services are tailor-made for businesses of all scales.

Specialty Moves:

Have a piano, antique furniture, or artwork? These require special attention, and our trained team knows precisely how to handle such precious items, ensuring they reach your new location unscathed.

Long-Distance Moves:

Moving across states? No worries. As seasoned Movers in The Colony, we have the expertise and the network to make long-distance moves appear effortless.

Senior Moves:

Moving can be especially challenging for our senior citizens. We provide gentle, patient, and efficient services, ensuring their comfort throughout the process.

Packing & Unpacking:

No more sleepless nights worrying about packing. Our team can pack up your entire home or office, label everything, and then unpack at the new location, arranging items just the way you want.

Storage Solutions:

Sometimes, you need a safe place to store your belongings before or after a move. As your trusted Movers in The Colony, we also offer secure storage solutions tailored to your needs.

Choose Ameritex – Your Reliable Movers in The Colony

When you pick Ameritex Movers, you’re not just hiring a moving company; you’re partnering with a team that views your move as more than just a job. We see it as our responsibility to provide you with a seamless experience. Experience the difference of a stress-free move with Ameritex. Reach out to us today!

Experience Lakeside Living in The Colony, Texas

As a vibrant city located along the eastern shores of Lewisville Lake, The Colony is known for its active community, outstanding outdoor recreational opportunities, and high-quality living. And it’s not just a city but a destination that provides a unique blend of small-town charm and big-city amenities.

The city’s proximity to Lewisville Lake means you’re never far from a day at the beach, a fishing expedition, or a boating adventure. With an array of parks and trails, The Colony is a haven for nature enthusiasts. And its diverse restaurant scene will satisfy your cravings, while the area’s shopping destinations cater to every taste and budget.

Residents in The Colony also appreciate the strong sense of community and the exceptional school district. All of which makes this city an attractive destination for families. Living in The Colony is truly a unique experience that combines comfort, convenience, and fun.

Top 10 Hangout Spots in The Colony

  1. Lewisville Lake: An ideal spot for boating, fishing, and enjoying beautiful lake views.
  2. The Colony Five Star Complex: An expansive sports facility perfect for families and sports enthusiasts.
  3. Hawaiian Falls The Colony: Cool off in this family-friendly water park offering a variety of slides and pools.
  4. Stewart Creek Park: A picturesque location for picnics, with trails for walking and biking.
  5. Topgolf: A fun hangout spot for golf lovers, featuring a driving range and lounge.
  6. Lava Cantina The Colony: A large music venue and restaurant offering live entertainment and delicious food.
  7. Sneaky Pete’s: Lakeside restaurant and bar, perfect for grabbing a bite and enjoying the view.
  8. Old American Golf Club: A premier golf club featuring a beautiful and challenging course.
  9. The Shacks Dining & Dog Park: A unique dining experience where you can bring your dog along for fun!
  10. Rock & Brews: An energetic restaurant offering a wide beer selection and live music. A great place to unwind and enjoy good food and music.
Events You Won't Want To Miss in The Colony

Living in The Colony means access to a year-round calendar of exciting local events that bring the community together. Some of the standout events include:

  • American Heroes: a Salute to Veterans and First Responders: This fantastic annual festival celebrates and honors veterans and first responsders. The event features a car, truck, and bike show, live music, fireworks, and more.
  • Liberty By The Lake: An Independence Day celebration that includes a parade, concerts, and a stunning fireworks display over the lake.
  • Bow-Wow Luau: An exciting summer event at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park where residents can bring their dogs for a swim!
Senior Moving Services in The Colony: Addressing the Emotional Transition

For seniors, moving isn’t just about changing locations; it’s an emotional journey intertwined with life memories and changes. At Ameritex Movers, we recognize the profound emotional dimensions of senior relocations in The Colony and approach them with added sensitivity and understanding.

Moving can evoke feelings of anxiety, especially as seniors face downsizing or transitioning into assisted living. Parting with long-cherished belongings, often seen as tangible memories, can be deeply emotional. Furthermore, the apprehension of adapting to new environments can be overwhelming.

Ameritex Movers emphasizes easing this transition. Our comprehensive senior moving services in The Colony are specially tailored, considering the emotional aspects. We ensure the moving process is smooth, familiarizing seniors with their new homes making them feel secure and valued.

Checklist: Packing for a Move to a Senior Living Community

Making a move to a senior living community is a significant change. To ensure the move goes smoothly, here’s a checklist to help guide your packing:

  • Downsize: Senior living spaces are typically smaller than a traditional home. Identify essential items to keep, and consider donating, selling, or giving away the rest.
  • Essential Documents: Gather important documents like medical records, identification, insurance policies, and financial papers. Keep these in a safe and accessible place.
  • Daily Necessities: Pack daily-use items such as glasses, hearing aids, medications, toiletries, and clothes for easy access during the move.
  • Furniture: If permitted, bring small pieces of favorite furniture that will fit in the new space. Be sure to measure beforehand.
  • Personal Touches: Items like family photos, keepsakes, and cherished mementos can make the new space feel like home.
  • Kitchen Supplies: Check with the community to see what kitchen items are necessary. Some provide meals and kitchenware, while others might require residents to bring their own.
  • Label Boxes: Clearly mark boxes by category (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.) to make unpacking easier.
  • Create an Inventory: Having a list of all packed items can prevent loss and help keep track of possessions during the move.
  • Hire Professionals: Remember, Ameritex Movers in The Colony can help make this transition as smooth as possible. Let us help with everything from packing to moving and unpacking.  
Choose Ameritex Movers in The Colony For Your Move!

Make your next move a success with Ameritex Movers in The Colony. With our experienced team and comprehensive services, moving to or from The Colony, Texas has never been easier. Let us take the stress out of moving. Contact us today and discover why we are The Colony’s go-to moving service.

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