Moving Day Preparation: Tips for a Smooth Transition with Ameritex Movers

It’s moving day, and your movers are about to arrive. What are the things that you need to focus on in order to successfully prepare for this day? Well, first and foremost, do not, do not plan your best friend’s wedding on this day, okay? Focus on moving and only moving, and really taking any other stress elements out of the day for yourself. Because once you have that weight off of your shoulders, it really gives you the time and the Mindset to be able to fully focus now I know that whenever it comes time to prepare there are several things you need to take into consideration Which organization is number one the more prepared you are the better?

Organized you are on the day of the move allows you a stress free experience So what are some of the things that you can do in order to successfully? Organize yourself. Now, putting items that are similar in nature in the same area, I usually like to get my formal dining room, for example, as a space to put all of my boxes.

So again doing things that help make things efficient is definitely a practical way of maximizing the opportunities for your move and one of my last favorite tips is color coding your move because again communication is the key to stress free and you have the ability to clearly communicate because I I mean just listen for what it is.

People’s handwritings may not always be the best and or as legible as they need to be. So imagine if things are color coded though. So instead of writing the word kitchen, you just simply put the color pink and in your corresponding space at your new location, you designate the kitchen as pink as well. So when they’re unloading the truck, they can automatically match pink to pink and know that they’re Those particular boxes or pieces go directly in the kitchen.
Now for me, I always like to make a clear path for the movers because when they come, they want to get straight to business and to shuffle and move furniture around in order to create a walkway from the areas that they need to access. It’s important for you to do that in advance or do that as you’re packing and preparing. Just make sure that things are out of the way and then ultimately make sure that you make arrangements for your pets and the kiddos. Because, again, on moving day, you want to be fully focused. And kids do require attention, and those pets, I know my little Yorkie, there’s a chance that they may just, the door might be open, they may be in the way. Whatever the case is, you want to just have peace of mind, and not have any additional responsibilities, other than the responsibility of moving your entire household from one location to another location. And my last tip is to make sure that you measure your furniture because each space is different. So going into your new space, you want to make sure if that couch fits through that door or even in that space. So double checking and making sure that you’re proactive and planning will definitely help make the experience stress free.