General Questions

Yes, you can cancel your move within 24 hours before your scheduled move and you will be refunded of your deposit. However, if you cancel within the day, you will not be eligible for a refund of your deposit.

We will fully refund your deposit as long as you cancel 24 hours before your scheduled service date. Refund restrictions apply to the customers offered our free box promotion and who have taken possession of the boxes prior to the scheduled service date. The cost of any portion of the boxes not returned will be reduced from the deposit amount.

The window of time in which your crew can arrive.

You have complete control of your move. It’s very difficult for us to tell you how long your move will take as every move is different; but if there is a certain number of hours or budget that you have, communicate that to your crew leader and your crew will work for you within that time frame.

Absolutely, we are fully licensed and insured movers. Our commitment to professionalism ensures that we comply with all relevant regulations and standards. We prioritize the safety of your belongings, offering comprehensive coverage for your peace of mind.

No, you are only billed for the hours the movers are actively working on your move. Lunch breaks or rest periods are not included in the billing.

Please make transportation arrangements prior to our arrival as we do not allow our customers to ride with the moving crew.

Moving is an exciting time, but it’s easy to become vulnerable if you don’t know your rights. You may feel like you have no control and are solely dependent on your movers, but that’s not true. All consumers in Texas have legal rights and responsibilities for moving in Texas. To know more about this, kindly visit RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES WHEN YOU MOVE IN TEXAS.

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